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Dedicated to people and safety

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Rover RF, LLC is a locally owned business with years of experience, working on some of the most recognized, challenging buildings constructed in South West Florida. Our owner has been working directly with County Wide Radio Communications System Operators, Fire Marshalls, Inspectors, Plan Reviewers, Building Owners, and General Contractors for years. This strong professional relationship has allowed Rover RF, LLC. to be a recognized and experienced integrator in supporting new building construction projects.


American Owned.

We save lives with BDA, ERCES, DAS, and more. We are dedicated to people, safety, and our first-responders.


We are the trusted source with Emergency Responder In-Building Public Safety Radio and Cellular Critical Communications.


We continue to support public safety emergency responders with in-building critical radio and cellular communications through education, advanced products and service. This principal in business will provide handheld two-way radio and cellular devices to communicate inside to outside during critical life threatening situations. We provide radio and cellular grid testing and survey reporting, building system designs and premier products to support challenging areas of the building that prevent communications to happen.


P.O. Box 152058
Cape Coral, FL 33915

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